Fun Online Zombie Games

One of the top most obsessions for gamers today seems to be BEST Zombie Games, the undead. This is a very weird obsession. However, they do not love them per se, they just love blowing them up and watching their tiny pieces of themselves fly in the air. If you are one of such gamers with such an obsession, then this year, 2014, won’t be any different from the other years when it comes to providing you with the best zombie games. To discover some new games that will excite you, read on. You just may find one that is crazy enough for you.

Arcade Zombie

The developers of the Dead island game, Techland, are at it once again. This time bringing Drying light into the market. It is a very fun action packed survival game. Players of this game are expected to navigate and maneuver through different urban terrains making use of the characters ability to free run. However, there is a twist to this game.

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